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Category – Work Execution Management Reference Books

Basics of Fleet Maintenance

Joel Levitt
Hardcover, 245 pages

This book is written in a clear , straightforward style as it identifies important issues for managing fleet maintenance in today’s environment. In addition to providing strategies and techniques for fleet maintenance management, this book is full of useful checklist, self-assessments, real-world case studies and a special list of 50 action items that you can use to rapidly direct your improvement efforts. 

Failure Modes to Failure Codes 

John Reeve and Derek Burley
Hardcover, 107 pages

As an improvement initiative, chronic failure analysis may be the most significant benefit yet to be realized by the world of asset management. Failure Modes and Failure Codes explains exactly how to start capturing a true failure mode in support of RCM. All that’s required is the knowledge to configure the CMMS product. 

CMMS Explained Made Simple 2nd Edition

Dave Bertolini
Softcover, 92 pages

This book explains what the necessary data elements are, how they are best utilized, and what foundation elements must be established to ensure ongoing system success. Those considering an initial system implementation  or system re-implementation are encouraged to review the contents of this book to ensure success. For those that are unsure of their system is providing the necessary foundation elements, the self-assessment/evaluation section provides guidance to identify and correct system deficiencies. 

Maintenance Storerooms and MRO Made Simple

Daniel DeWald
Hardcover, 101 pages

The maintenance storeroom is a key department in a facility. It is a profit center and supports Preventive Maintenace (PM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) efforts. It supplies parts of emergencies and unexpected breakdowns. It contributes to improving reliability for maintenance by the purchase and storage of quality parts. The storeroom is an integral piece of the maintenance strategy. 

Maintenance Strategy Series Vol. 1- Preventive Maintenance 

Terry Wireman
Hardcover, 220 pages

This volume begins by detailing the importance of preventive maintenance to overall maintenance strategy. A process flow diagram details the steps of developing the preventive maintenance program, and the appendixes contain numerous examples of preventive maintenance inspections for the reader to begin applying to their program immediately. 

Maintenance Strategy Series Vol. 2- MRO Inventory and Purchasing

Terry Wireman
Hardcover, 150 pages 

The second volume in the series shows the reader how to develop an inventory and purchasing program for the MRO spares and supplies as part of an overall strategy. The receiving and parts issues disciplines are discussed in detail with a focus on the value proposition for spares parts controls and justification of storeroom overhead. 

Maintenance Strategy Series Vol. 3- Maintenance Work Management Processes

Terry Wireman
Hardcover, 200 pages

This third volume of the series focuses on developing a work management process that will support the maintenance strategy components. It outlines a financially cost effective process that collects the data to use advanced such as RCM and TPM. 

Maintenance Strategy Series Vol. 4- Successfully Utilizing CMMS/EAM Systems

Terry Wireman
Hardcover, 200 pages

The fourth volume in the series will show how CMMS/EAM Systems are necessary to support a maintenance and reliability organization in companies today. The text discusses how to properly utilize the system to gain a maximum return on investment for the system. Finally, the text examines the organization and methodology to truly achieve Enterprise Asset Management – an elusive goal for most modern organization. 

Maintenance Strategy Series Vol. 5- Training Programs for Maintenance Organizations

Terry Wireman
Hardcover, 224 pages

The fifth volume series will highlight the need for increased skills proficiency in maintenance and reliability organizations today. It begins with the discussion of the skills shortage, then progresses into how to develop cost-effective and efficient skills training programs. It focuses on modern tools for duty, tasks, needs analysis and how to convert that data into a complete skills development initiative. The reader will be able to use the information in this to develop or enhance a skills training program in their company. 

Maintenance Strategy Series Vol. 6- Operator-Driven Reliability

Terry Wireman
Hardcover, 152 pages

In the sixth volume, the author sets a goal to provide a framework that can organize the ODR efforts in an organization to support maintenance initiatives and not conflict with them. 

Mission Based Reliability

Daniel T. Daley
Softcover, 106 pages

This book is a reliability improvement strategy that focuses on two critical elements to make near term improvements in reliability. 1. Reducing the inspection interval of critical items can increase reliability by maximizing the benefit of the current Mean Time Between Failure of your assets; 2. Using the concepts contained in the Potential – Failure Curve can be used to highlight the components that are subject to short interval failures and should have shortened maintenance intervals. 

Outsourcing MRO Finding a Better Way

George Krauter
Softcover, 83 pages

Having over 50 years in the MRO supply chain, George Krauter shares his expertise and experience through a collection of case studies, vignettes, and memories. The goal of Outsourcing MRO: Finding a Better Way is to help future MRO practices contribute to the continuing growth of the American economy. 

Planning and Scheduling Made Simple

Ricky Smith and Jerry Wilson
Softcover, 68 pages

Ricky Smith and Jerry Wilson have produced a third edition of this quick, easy read for any organization looking for a number of focused, easily implemented actions which can be expected to produce big improvements in effectiveness. They lay out those critical aspects of planning and scheduling system will fail to produce the desired results. Each chapter contains highlighted “Key Principles” which quickly summarize important points. 

Preventive Maintenance Made Simple

Ricky Smith and Doug Stangier
Softcover, 68 pages

How may times have you heard that you need to simply or optimize your preventive maintenance (PM) program? Preventive Maintenance Made Simple is written for most maintenance reliability leaders and engineers who are looking for ideas to improve, optimize and rationalize their current PM program. The book includes processes and components that, when combined and implemented into a struggling PM program, would bring immediate improvements to said program. 

Zero Breakdown Strategies

Terry Wireman
Softcover, 249 pages

This textbook is designed to assist companies, regardless of the type of industry or facility, to develop equipment management strategies, which when implemented, will virtually eliminate equipment malfunctions or breakdowns. This is important since companies today are incurring higher and higher levels of equipment downtime and lost efficiencies. 

Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Book

Author: IDCON
Softcover, 68 pages

A “must have” for all maintenance professionals! It is a unique resource for improving maintenance management processes and learning smart preventive maintenance (PM), condition monitoring, inspection and troubleshooting techniques on a wide variety of components including pumps, motors, gears, bearings, chain, pipes and valves, couplings, seals, fans, lubrications, lifting equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors, steam, electrical systems, etc.