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Category – Vibration Analysis Reference Books

Vibrations in Reciprocating Machinery and Piping Systems

Written by the EDI Staff. June 2012
Softcover, 245 pages

A wide variety of vibration and failure problems occur in reciprocating machinery and piping systems. Excessive piping vibration problems usually occur when a mechanical natural frequency of the piping system or compressor manifold system is excited by a pulsation or mechanical excitation source. Since reciprocating compressors and pumps generate high pulsation levels at numerous harmonics, which in turn produce shaking forces, vibration and failure problems in these systems are common. 

Vibration-Based Condition Monitoring

Robert Bond Randall

Written by Robert Bond Randall. Mr. Randall developed this book based on notes for a course in machine condition monitoring hosted by himself for 10+ years at the University of New South Wales. This book provides a comprehensive survey of the application of vibration analysis to the condition monitoring of machines. Other topics covered are vibration signals from rotating & reciprocating machines, basic signal processing techniques, fault detection, diagnostic techniques, and prognostics.

Vibration Testing: Theory and Practice – Second Edition

Kenneth G. McConnell

Written by Kenneth G. McConnell & Paulo S. Varoto. This text is a step-by-step guide to show how to obtain meaningful experimental results via the proper use of modern instrumentation, vibration exciters, and signal-processing equipment, with particular emphasis on how different types of signals are processed with a frequency analyzer. This edition covers all basic concepts and principles underlying dynamic testing.

Vibration Monitoring, Testing, and Instrumentation

Clarence W. de Silva

Written by Clarence W. de Silva. Controlling a system’s vibrational behavior is critical to ensure safe operation for the life of the equipment. This book provides a convenient, thorough, and up-to-date source of tools, techniques, and data for instrumenting, experimenting, monitoring, measuring and analyzing vibration in a variety of mechanical and structural systems & enviroments.

Vibration Monitoring Handbook – First Edition

Charles W. Reeves

Written by Charles W. Reeves. Part of the series of books that introduce the many disciplines of condition monitoring. This text breaks down the specifics about the topic of vibration.

Theory of Vibration with Applications – Fifth Edition

William T. Thomson and Marie Dillon Dahleh

Written by William T. Thomson and Marie Dillon Dahleh. This book is widely known for its clear presentation of introductory material and provides a thorough treatment of vibration theory and its engineering applications. New editions to the fifth edition include: an introduction to the use of Matlab, numerous examples using Matlab, both analytical & computational problems added to the text, and complete development of Lagrange’s equations.

The Gear Analysis Handbook

James L. Taylor Vibration Consultants Inc.

The author has written this book primarily from the viewpoint of analyzing vibrations on heavy industrial and mill gearing that may have been in service for a prolonged time. The purpose is to diagnose problems, especially the source or cause of failure. However, the principles and analysis techniques can be used for all types and sizes of gears, as well as for gear noise analysis.

Rotating Machinery Vibration: From Analysis to Troubleshooting

Maurice L. Adams, Jr

Written by Maurice L. Adams, Jr. This text provides a comprehensive, consolidated overview of the fundamentals of rotating machinery vibration and addresses computer model building, sources and types of vibration, and machine vibration signal analysis. Also includes comprehensive descriptions of vibration symptoms for rotor unbalance, dynamic instability, rotor-stator rubs, misalignment, loose parts, cracked shafts, and rub-induced thermal bows.

Practical Rotordynamics and Fluid Film Bearing Design s

Wen Jeng Chen

Written By Wen Jeng Chen, who has years of industrial experience in designing rotor & bearing systems. This book provides the basic theory, design principles, guidelines, and detailed examples that engineers can use to optimally perform their work. The author explains the importance of the rotor & bearings and how they’re inseparable in the rotating machinery design process.

Practical Balancing of Rotating Machinery

Derek Norfield

Written by Derek Norfield. This text breaks down how to correctly use balancing techniques in order to improve performance. The author describes in detail how to balance a rotor, how to set up and verify the performance of a balancing machine and how to balance machinery on site.

The Bearing Analysis Handbook

 D. Wyndell Kirkland and James I. Taylor
Hardcover, 297 pages

The author has written this book primarily from the viewpoint of analyzing vibrations on heavy industrial applicaiotn and a practical Guide for Solving Vibration Problems in Bearings

Mechanical Vibrations – Fifth Edition

Singiresu S. Rao

Written by Singiresu S. Rao. This book serves as an introduction to the subject of vibration engineering at the undergraduate level. In this recent edition, expanded explanations of the fundamentals are given, emphasizing physical significance and interpretation that build upon previous experiences in undergraduate mechanics. This edition also contains: 128 new examples, 160 new problems, 70 new review questions, and 107 new illustrations.

Introduction to Dynamics of Rotor-Bearing Systems

Wen Jeng Chen & Edgar J. Gunter

Written by Wen Jeng Chen & Edgar J. Gunter. DyRoBeS is a computer software tool based on Finite Element Analysis for complete rotor dynamics analysis and comprehensive bearing performance calculations. This program has been validated religiously and tested extensively by many academic researchers and industrial engineers.

Harris’ Shock and Vibration Handbook

Allan G. Piersol and Thomas L. Paez

Written by Allan G. Piersol and Thomas L. Paez. This text was written by a team of experts to help provide the reader with all the information needed to design, analyze, install and maintain systems subject to mechanical shock and vibration. Other topics this book includes are: theory, instrumentation, measurement, testing, control methodologies and practical applications.