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Making Common Sense Common Practice

Ron Moore
Hardcover, 478 pages





Description and MRO-Zone are pleased to announce the 5th edition of Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Operational Excellence. The 5th edition includes several changes and additions, including a model for determining whether your company is ready to apply lean manufacturing principles (many are not); a new case study that clearly demonstrates the value of applying lifecycle cost principles in capital projects; an additional, and more simplistic, model for helping determine what spares to carry in the storeroom; additional data about the risk of inducing defects and failures during startup; a new way of linking maintenance safety and production process safety into an integrated approach; an updated model for PM optimization; an updated section on asset management; and a new section on performance measurement principles, including an update on leading and lagging indicators. In addition, numerous editorial changes were made to assure clarity and accuracy in the book. We hope you will benefit from and enjoy this latest edition.

An in-depth view into the best practices of the best manufacturing companies in the world. This book presents proven models for achieving world-class performance. Using a case study of a fictional company called Beta International, Moore illustrates how to increase uptime, lower costs, increase market share, maximize asset utilization, apply benchmarks and best practices, ultimately increasing your company\’s performance. Gain an expert view of plant design, procurement, parts management, installation and maintenance, training, and implementation of a computerized maintenance management system. In discussing the success and failure of the world\’s premier manufacturers, Moore outlines a stable path of growth for almost any manufacturing company.