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JURAN\’S QUALITY HANDBOOK (The Complete Guide to Performance Excellence, Seventh Edition)

Joseph DeFeo, Joseph Juran 
Hardcover, 992 pages






The “body of knowledge” for the science of quality management and performance excellence for more than half-a-century, Juran’s Quality Handbook has been completely updated to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s business and quality professionals. Under the guidance of a team of top experts, this authoritative resource demonstrates how to apply the right methods for delivering superior results and achieving excellence in any organization, industry, or country.

Juran’s Quality Handbook, Seventh Edition provides you with a complete roadmap for the discipline — clearly written to make sure you know where you are in the process and what you must do to reach the next level. Within its pages, you will find A-Z coverage – from key concepts, methods, research, and tools to practical applications on the job.

Here’s why this is the best edition yet:
• Updated chapters on Lean, Six Sigma and the Shingo Prize
• NEW chapters on Risk Management and Building a Quality Management System
• NEW material on the history of quality management
• All ISO and other regulatory standards have been updated
• NEW statistical tables, charts, and data
• Examples and case studies throughout demonstrate how others have applied the methods and tools discussed in real-world situations