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The Erudite Reliability Services OPC Bookstore A focused reliability and asset management library of books

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Maintenance Strategy Series Six-Book Bundle

by Terry Wireman


  1. Preventive Maintenance
  2. MRO Inventory and Purchasing
  3. Maintenance Work Management Processes
  4. Successfylly Utilize CMMS/EAM Systems
  5. Training Programs for Maintenance Organization
  6. Operator-Driven Reliability

Motor Electrical Predictive Maintenance and Testing Series Four-Book Bundle

by Jack R. Nichols, Jr., P.E., CMRP


  1. Motor Theory, Construction, Characteristics, Vulnerabilities, and Failures 
  2. Technologies for Motor Manufacturing and Repair
  3. Technologies for Motor Electrical Predictive Condition Monitoring
  4. Motor Reliability Program Management

Making Common Sense Common Practice and What Tool? When? Two-Book Bundle

by Ron Moore


  1. Making Common Sense Common Practice Models for Operational Excellence
  2. What Tool? When? – A Management Guide for Selecting The Right Improvement Tools

The Simplified Handbook of Vibration Analysis Two-Book Bundle

by Art Crawford


  1. Volume 1: The Simplified Handbook of Vibration Analysis
  2. Volume 2: The Simplified Handbook of Vibration Analysis

Certified Reliability Leader Complete Body of Knowledge


The Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP) has developed an exam and certification based on the Uptime Elements Passport Series and its Reliability Leadership system. The CRL Body of Knowledge (BoK), when expressed in the system, is designed to deliver value to what we call the triple bottom line of: Economic Prosperity, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Responsibility.


  1. Certified Reliability Leader Uptime Elements Passport
    • Reliability Engineering for Maintenance
    • Asset Condition Management
    • Work Execution Management
    • Leadership for Reliability
    • Asset Management
  2. The Journey to Improved Business Performance by Stephen J. Thomas
  3. Don’t Just Fix It, Improve It! by Winston P. Ledet, Winston J. Ledet and Sherri M. Abshire
  4. Four posters: Revised Uptime Elements, Uptime Elements Transit Map, Sources of Defects, How Failure Occurs

Condition Monitoring Standards Vol. 1-4 Combo


The foundation to a Preventive Maintenance System
The CMS combo includes all four volumes (1-4) of our Condition Monitoring Standards (CMS). Condition Monitoring Standards (CMS) are the building blocks of a documentation system created by IDCON for setting up and running a preventive maintenance, essential care and condition monitoring (PM/ECCM) system in any industry.

The Combo is available in English and Spanish languages.

Each CMS has been carefully compiled by IDCON together with master craftspeople, supervisors and operators from many plants.

Along with your 4 CMS books, you’ll receive Knocking Bolts, a new book by Christer Idhammar.


  1. Condition Monitoring Standards Vol. 1
  2. Condition Monitoring Standardss Vol. 2 
  3. Condition Monitoring Standardss Vol. 3 
  4. Condition Monitoring Standardss Vol. 4