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EtaPRO - Asset Performance & Condition Monitoring Where Trusted Technology, Domain Expertise, and Business Results Meet

Over 40 Countries – 2,000 units – 25 Years of Implementation Success


Optimize the performance of your people, assets and facilities with EtaPRO, the leading asset performance and condition monitoring system.

The EtaPRO platform combines the power of thermal performance, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics to optimize the performance of your most critical assets. Increase reliability, availability, and efficiency while reducing overall cost, mitigating risk, and reducing unplanned maintenance.


“EtaPRO is a real-time monitoring platform for keeping equipment and facilities running efficiently and reliably through anomaly detection, real-time KPIs, and early warning of equipment failure”


The EtaPRO Suite brings together four technologies under one robust platform for companies to improve asset performancerecognize anomalies soonerdecrease unplanned downtime, and manage data effectively. These applications enable plants and high-performing facilities to increase capacity and efficiency while decreasing downtime.

EtaPRO also offers easy-to-use applications like an electronic log book, asset-oriented displays, automatic reporting, and more. Our EtaPRO Monitoring and Diagnostic Center helps plants with lean resources. There is no better solution for asset performance and condition monitoring than EtaPRO.

  • High Speed Data Historian
  • Event counting (starts, stops)
  • Operating hours
  • Hours of operation above specified conditions
  • Ad-hoc trend & analysis
  • Production
  • KPIs
  • Empirical “digital twin”
  • Leverages historical data in EtaPRO Archive and PI Systems
  • Early warning of off-normal operation
  • Triggers first response 
  • Shows impact of maintenance down to sensor level
  • Manage issues from detection to closure
  • Vibration Spectrum Analysis
  • Earliest detection of machinery faults
  • High Speed data acquisition & Signal processing
  • Forecast of time-to-action
  • Patented AutoDiagnosisTM of fault cause(s)
  • Advanced diagnostic plot presentations 
  • Thermodynamic “Digital Twin”
  • Leverages plant and equipment design data
  • Best achievable performance
  • Real-time operation
  • ‘What-if” modeling 
  • Quantify degradation cost
  • Evaluate equipment uprates/maintenance

EtaPRO – One Platform – Four Technologies

  • Shorter Learning Curve
  • Quicker Deployment
  • Cross-Functional data & results sharing
  • Lower IT Costs
  • More flexibility with personnel 
  • Same user interface and tools for different power plant types
  • Structured support and training programs
  • Lower total asset life cycle costs

Learn more about how EtaPRO can support your asset performance management program to help increase performance and maximize efficiency of your facility’s assets.