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Reliability & Maintenance Excellence Workshop Based on SMRP\'s Certified Maintenance & Reliability Profesional BoK

Course Overview

Reliability & Maintenance Excellence is a 3-day, interactive training course designed to provide candidates sitting for the CMRP exam with the basic understanding of the five pillars of Maintenance and Reliability. Each section of the course covers elements of the five areas of the SMRP CMRP Body of Knowledge (BoK). Many individuals experience tremendous stress taking exams, at the end of each section, we provide a series of sample test questions that will prepare the exam taker and allow them to feel more comfortable and confident during the exam.

The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) program is the #1 credential program for the knowledge, skills, and abilities of M&R professionals. Assessing more than just textbook knowledge, the exam tests and validates, the skills and abilities of maintenance and reliability professionals according to the objective SMRP Body of Knowledge (BoK).

The CMRP is the only certification program of its kind accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which follows the globally recognized ISO standards for its accreditation purposes. The test is a thorough examination of a broad scope of expertise measured against the universal standard. It was developed to assess professionals’ aptitude within the five pillars of the SMRP BoK: Business & Management, Manufacturing Process Reliability, Equipment Reliability, Organization & Leadership, and Work Management

Learning Objectives

  • Improve your understanding of the BoK five pillars
  • Understand the importance of the BoK five pillars and ISO 55000 relationship
  • Identify opportunities in your own workplace for improvement
  • Define best practices within the M&R setting
  • Explore how to apply the essentials of the five pillars into daily activities
  • Develop personal goals to take the next step in your career and be recognized as a true M&R leader

Course Format

An instructor-led traditional classroom experience. Classroom-based instruction involves the highest level of instructor/student interaction.

Participants will engage in interactive exercises and discussions throughout the course to ensure the material is not only taught, but can also be applied. Limited class size (15-20 participants) is strictly enforced to enhance individual learning experiences and interaction with the instructor and other participants.

Course Outline

I. Business and Management

– Create Strategic Direction and Plan
– Selling Programs and Change to stakeholders
– Create Measurement and Performance Evaluation System
– Business Case Presentation
– Communicate to Stakeholders
– Plan and Budget Resources
– Maintenance/Operations Performance Agreement/Specifications

II. Manufacturing Process Reliability

– Maintain Process and Industry Standards and Specifications
– Understand the Manufacturing Process
– Manufacturing Effectiveness Techniques
– Safety, Health, Environmental
– Manage Effects of Changes to Processes and Equipment

III. Equipment Reliability

– Determine Equipment and Process Performance Expectations from the Business Plan
– Establish Current Performance Levels and Analyze Gaps
– Establish a Maintenance Strategy to Assure Performance
– Cost-Justify (Budget) Tactics Selected for Implementation
– Execute a Maintenance Strategy
– Review Performance and Adjust Maintenance Strategy

IV. People Skills

– Assess Organizational Competence and Direction
– Develop the Maintenance and Reliability Organization Structure
– Develop the Maintenance and Reliability Staff
– Communicate Maintenance and Reliability to the Organization

V. Work Management

– Comprehensive Work Identification
– Plant-wide formal Prioritization System
– Effective Work Planning Prior to Scheduling
– Effective, Cooperative Work Scheduling and Backlog Management
– Effective Resource Management (People, Materials, Financial)
– Document Work Execution and Update Records/History
– Equipment History Review and Failure Identification
– Effective Performance Measures and Follow-up
– Capital Project Planning
– Effective Use of Information Technologies

CMRP Practice Examination

CMRP Exam (110 Multiple Choice Questions | 2.5 hrs)

Schedule permitting, the afternoon of the fourth day, candidates will sit for the CMRP exam administered by a certified SMRP Proctor. The exam is taken via online at a SMRP accredited testing center. Test results will be be provided after the exam. 

Who Should Attend

Reliability & Maintenance Excellence was designed specifically for individuals participating in or aspiring to further their professional careers and accreditation.

By Job Title:

  • PM/Maintenance Preparers
  • Managers/Supervisors/Leadership
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Technical Authorities
  • Maintenance Leads/Supervisors
  • Lead Technicians & Operators
  • Operation Supervisors
  • Improvement Leaders
  • Maintenance & Reliability Professionals

Registration Fee includes

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Training Manual
  • Worksheets/Exercises
  • Lunch and Snacks during the course of the training

CMRP Exam is an optional fee