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Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety A Focus on Availability and Safety Performance of Systems Subjected to Failure Modes.

Course Description

The Reliability Engineer (RE) is the business adviser to facilitate the design decisions and help companies meet the target Reliability goals. In this role, the RE mitigates the risks associated with products by encouraging  interdepartmental partnerships focused on the goal of reliable product development.

This strategic position is responsible for evaluating and predicting performance to achieve the greatest availability.

In this 3‐day course, you will learn about assessing the reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety aspects of machines and machine installations. How to assess projects from a reliability and safety prospective, how to prepare RAMS studies and reports, and how to spec the requirements for such analyses if you are preparing for a new project.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand methodologies that can be applied for repairable systems analysis
  • Identify critical components (or failure modes) and determine the most effective ways to improve system availability
  • Evaluate potential maintenance strategies and calculate optimum PM intervals and/or overhaul times
  • Use simulation to obtain estimated performance metrics that can facilitate decision-making in a variety of areas, such as scheduling planned maintenance, planning for spares, identifying bottlenecks in production throughput and estimating life cycle costs

Course Outline

  1. Understanding the Reliability Eng. (RAMS) requirements
  2. Basic Probability & Statistics for Reliability
  3. Understanding different RAMS metrics – Reliability, Failure Rate, MTBF, Availability, MTTR (Maintainability) and Safety
  4. Calculation of Failure Rate & MTBF
  5. Reliability Calculations for complex systems
  6. Availability Calculations
  7. Maintainability Calculations (MTTR, MDT, MMH, etc.,)
  8. Safety Analysis using Fault Trees
  9. Preparing a RAMS report

Who Should Attend

  • Maintenance and Reliability Engineers and Managers
  • Engineering personnel and managers
  • Design Engineers