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Practical Machinery Alignment and Balancing Workshop


Workshop Overview

This course is an intensive mix of hands-on practice and in-depth instruction of precision shaft alignment and balancing of rotating machinery. It provides a very good understanding of the theory and practical knowledge in conventional and laser alignment techniques as well as both field balancing and shop (balancing machine) balancing.

Duration: 3 Days (1.5 days alignment & 1.5 days balancing)

Precision Shaft Alignment

Delivers comprehensive knowledge of the principles of machinery shaft alignment and the various methods to measure and correct alignment.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Understanding Machinery Alignment
    • Machinery Alignment Fundamentals, Terminology, and Principles
    • Importance of Machinery Shaft Alignment to Improve Asset Reliability and Reduce Safety Risks
    • Symptoms of Misalignment
    • Types of Misalignment
    • Tolerances & Standards
    • Alignment Process
  • Alignment Tools, Equipment, & Materials
    • Standard & Precision Tools
    • Dial Indicators
    • Laser Alignment Kit
    • Shims
  • Run Out Check
  • Measuring & Correcting Soft-Foot
    • Measuring Soft Foot, Principles & Objectives
    • Diagnosing and Correcting the Soft Foot Problem
    • Measuring the Effects of Pipe Strain on Shaft Alignment


Day 2 ( Half-day)

  • Machinery Alignment Techniques
    • Roughing-In New Machinery 
    • Face & Rim Method Using Dial Indicator
    • Reverse Method Using Dial Indicator
    • Laser Alignment
    • Cold to Hot Movement
  • Machinery Alignment Problems
    • Gross Misalignment: Coupling Strain & Shaft Deflection
    • Becoming Bolt-Bound and Base-Bound
  • Effect of Misalignment on Bearings & Seals
    • Effect of Misalignment of Bearings
    • Vibration Analysis/Results as Indication of Misalignment
    • Effect of Misalignment on Seals of Pumps and Compressors
    • Leakage Control & Prevention
    • Summary and Conclusions
  • Documentation and Reporting

Machinery Balancing Workshop

This will equip you with the knowledge and skills in balancing so that you can use a vibration analyzer/balancer, or simple sheet of graph paper and protractor, and balance a machine on site/field.

Course Outline

Day 2 (Half-day)

  • Basic Aspects of Machine Balancing
    • Theory & Principle of Balancing
    • Definition of Terms
    • Types of Unbalance, Basic Vibration Analysis for Unbalance Problem
    • Determination of Balancing Quality (ISO 1940 Rotor Classification)
    • Purpose, Mass Unbalance Force and Causes
    • Rotor Classification, Pre-Balancing Checks, Critical Speeds, Trial Weight Selection/Placement


Day 3

  • Single-Plane Balancing Techniques
    • Single-Plane Balancing Procedure
    • Vector and Four-Run Methods, Critical Speeds, Modes
    • Heavy Spot High-Spot Relationship, Balance Sensitivity, Phase Lag
    • Trial Weight Computation
    • Workshop & Hands-on Exercise on Demo Rig/Kit
  • Two-Plane Balancing Techniques
    • Two-Plane (Dynamic) Balancing Procedure
    • Workshop & Hands-on Exercise on Demo Rig/Kit
  • Documentation & Reporting
Laser Alignment Kit

Laser Alignment Kit

Balancing Analyzer

Balancing Analyzer