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Power Transformer: Basics, Maintenance, and Diagnostics

Course Overview

This course provides a foundational understanding of the internal and external elements of the transformer, the  essentials of transformer operation and maintenance implementation and related industry standards. It covers the chemical, mechanical and electrical components of the transformer, the purpose and operating characteristics of these components, the significant requirements and methods for maintenance, and the major testing involved in maintenance.

Topics covered:

  • Transformer Design
  • Transformer Oil
  • Ageing Behavior
  • Treatment for Ageing Transformer Assets
  • Interpretation of oil data
  • Transformer Preventive Maintenance
  • OAE Substance
  • 20+ old Transformers
  • …see topic outline

Target Audience

Electrical Technician, Maintenance and Reliability Engineers, Transformer Maintenance Technician, PM/PdM Specialists and other related personnel

Instructional Methodology – Design to impact performance

This course has been developed following a systematic approach which identified the learning needs for transformer maintenance professionals. We met with industry experts and plant reliability professionals to determine the specific skills needed to perform transformer maintenance tasks. These needs were analyzed to guide the development of the instructional materials and methodologies used during this course. This course has been designed to create a learning environment which support adult learning principles to maximize the transfer of the course knowledge to the student. Specific features include interactive exercises, case studies, and hands on examples as well as class discussions conducted through a facilitative approach.

What you will learn

  • The role of transformers in power transmission and distribution
  • Transformer design and assembly
  • The Transformer ageing process
  • Common dielectric fluid tests
  • Interpreting test results (mineral oils)
  • Common field electrical tests and their purpose
  • Predictive, preventative, and reactive maintenance procedures
  • Equipment conditions
  • And more…

Course Topic Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction   
  • Transformer design
  • Transformer Oil
  • Transformer oil behaviour
  • Corrosive sulphur
  • Water in Transformers
  • Ageing behaviour
  • Oxygen in Transformers
  • Questions /discussions End of 1. Day

Day 2

  • Transformer oil testing 
  • Interpretation of oil data
  • Don’t trust your Lab
  • Questions and Break
  • Modern measurement system sense and nonsense
  • TPM Present
  • Treatment ageing
  • Case studies


Day 3

  • On line drying
  • OAE Substance
  • The new transformer a risk?
  • 20 + transformers
  • The tools: By pass plants regeneration etc. and their correct use, measurement systems .
  • Guidelines
  • Lunch
  • How to use the checklist
  • Questions discussion of lecturers special problems
  • Distribution of Certificates
  • End of Seminar