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GPiLEARN+™ Services, Content, and Support for Your Technical Organization

Highly technical organizations operate in a fast-paced and increasingly globalized business landscape. Leading companies focus on improving human performance, reducing errors, and leveraging best-in-class technologies that support their talent management programs. GPiLEARN+™ provides a comprehensive solution to achieve your workforce performance goals.

GPiLEARN+ combines GP Strategies’ proven off-the-shelf technical and compliance content with a learnercentric LMS. GPiLEARN+ can provide your organization a quick speed-to-market LMS solution that is ready to deploy a true blended learning experience under one single interface. With 24/7 availability and third party content integration (AICC or SCORM), GPiLEARN+ is a safe technology investment to support your
company’s learning programs.

A powerful learning management system (LMS)
combined with industry specific content and customization
to meet your unique needs.

GPiLEARN+ offers three modalities of content to support your organization’s needs

Online Content

GP Strategies’ online training programs are designed to help technical organizations develop a multi-skilled workforce, improve knowledge, reduce accidents, and improve ROI. Our extensive online course library of proven content includes animations, review questions, interactive exercises, and audio to keep the audience engaged throughout the learning process. GP Strategies™ is continuing to expand our library through partnerships and developing new content. Our comprehensive catalog now includes over 200 new compliance topics, and all GPiLEARN+ content is compliant with other LMS platforms and is available in Spanish and French. GP Strategies can also develop custom content to meet your unique needs.

Instructor Led

Dive deeper into key technical topics with our instructor-led training. GP Strategies offers over 70 operational, mechanical, electrical, safety,  instrumentation & control, reliability & maintenance and leadership courses to blend with and enhance your online learning.

Hands On

GP Strategies’ simulators and industrial-level mechanical and electrical training equipment can help your workforce apply the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience to be successful maintenance and operations professionals. Simulation, as well as mechanical, electrical, and process and  instrumentation control equipment, provides your workforce with a realistic training environment to practice their skills.

Business Intelligence

Optimize internal processes. Increase workforce efficiencies. Improve employee performance. With GPiLEARN+ business intelligence, you can measure the effectiveness of your programs and identify areas for improvement. Create dashboards and improve your reporting by measuring key metrics with live or scheduled connections to other data sources (HR and CMMSs).

Workforce Analysis

GP Strategies conducts a workforce analysis of the current level of your employees’ knowledge and skills and compares them to your company’s needs and expectations, as well as those from other best in-class companies. Become more strategic in your business planning around hiring, training, and maintaining a competent and engaged workforce.

Benchmark Assessments

Benchmarking your personnel against your role-based requirements, as well as other leading organizations, allows you to target areas for performance improvement. GPiLEARN+ offers powerful benchmarking tools to help you achieve operational excellence.

Rely on GPiLEARN+ to Optimize your Workforce Performance at All Levels

Powerful Executive Metrics

As an executive, you rely on data-driven results. GPiLEARN+ provides business intelligence and analytics to benchmark your KPIs against industry best practices to achieve measurable results and ROI. GPiLEARN+ can seamlessly integrate into your HR, IT, and CMMSs and provide overall  reporting metrics on performance results.

• Dashboards linked to KPIs
• Lower total cost of ownership
• Competency management

Efficient Administration

When it comes to reporting, scheduling, and creating a curriculum, there’s no easier platform to use. GPiLEARN+ allows you to manage your learners and content efficiently to meet your training goals.

• Improved learning paths
• Ad hoc reporting
• Streamlined course creation

Improved Learner Experience

Enabling your learners with an easy-to-use platform is key to their retention in a web-based learning environment. With GPiLEARN+, the user experience, along with engaging graphics and content, will keep learners focused as they move along in their curriculum.

• Access to entire catalog
• Simplified certifications
• Learner dashboards